Victor Sampedro is Full Associate Professor of Political Communication at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. His interests are the democratic theory of public sphere, social movements impact on policy and media agendas, internet based politics and social mobilizations. His background is in Communication Studies, Social Movements Sociology and Political Sciences. Ha has lectured, published and researched on these three disciplines extensively. He founded the Masters Program in Digital Communication, Culture and Citizenship and most of his work is available at

Victor Sampedro initially approached the theoretical debates of the democratic nature of public sphere and later on he examined empirically the impact of Spanish and international social movements, both in policy and media agenda-setting. His background in Communication Studies, Sociological Theory and Political Sciences led him to lecture, publish and conduct research of these three disciplines extensively, both in Spanish and international institutions.

Without abandoning the study of conventional mass media, he incorporated the ICT uses for collective action and policy innovation. Three years ago he began to coordinate an interdisciplinary and pioneering Postgraduate Program on Digital Communication, Culture and Citizenship (, which incorporates de logics of collaborative and open education.

Sampedro has also lately published and edited key publications about the digital practices of activists, voters, politicians and journalists in the context of the last three Spanish General Elections. This line of enquire combined with the focus on social mobilizations led him to do extensive research on the Spanish outraged movement in a comparative perspective.

Most of his academic production, media appearances and socially engaged projects can be accessed in this web. His book El Cuarto Poder en Red, Icaria, Barcelona, 2014; was translated into Portuguese and Sampedro’s native language: Galician. His most recent book is Dietética Digital para adelgazar al Gran Hermano, Icaria, Barcelona, 2017.